Fancy yourself a bit of a monster hunter, eh? Well, it’s time to prove it in Monster Hunter World, the newly revealed game from SONY’s E3 press conference.

    Our take on Monster Hunter World

    Well, how beautiful did Monster Hunter World look? The lush colours in the trailer had us in awe throughout. When you pile on top some of the monsters we were introduced to, it looks like Monster Hunter World is really gearing up to deliver something truly spectacular.

    Capcom announced that the game will feature a "seamless gameplay experience allowing players to move freely across map areas that comprise the living ecosystem", so the world is there for the taking, really. From scavenging for supplies, through to hunting down some seriously menacing looking monsters, this looks like it could one of the most impressive games we’ve seen from the franchise.

    Why we’re so excited about Monster Hunter World

    We have a few avid Monster Hunter fans over here at GAME HQ, so the “newly designed online drop-in multiplayer system" for up to three players is certainly something to get excited about. Team up and take down some of the bigger monsters that inhabit the lands of Monster Hunter World. The risk is great, but the spoils are worth the chance!

    We also cannot wait to get exploring; Monster Hunter has always produced some pretty stunning landscapes to traverse, and Monster Hunter World looks like it is more than happy to keep that tradition going.

    Happy monster hunting days are certainly in our future, with the game set for a 2018 release. Best start working on your hunting skills now then!

    You can find out more about Monster Hunter World here >

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