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What we know so far / key notes

E3 – Los Angeles Conference Center, 10th-13th June 2013

E3 is one of the biggest events in the games industry calendar and we’ll be bringing you all the best news and exclusive content throughout the whole expo, from the first day’s keynote conferences to the three days on the show floor.

Microsoft and SONY have both revealed lots more about their new consoles, including release dates, launch prices and a host of new games. Plus EA and Ubisoft wowed us with the games they showed off at their conferences.

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19:07 16/06/2013
Like a Dan Brown novel, E3 holds many secrets. Sure, you get to see the games which have been announced during press conferences and by publishers – but you sometimes get to see games which no-one yet knows about. Last year we got to see games like Disney Infinity and a couple more (some which we STILL can’t talk about). This year, we got to see a few more things which we can’t talk about but they’re things we think gamers will be happy with. This year and next, is going to be a fantastic time to be a gamer don’t you think? Here’s to this years E3… It’ll be a tough one to beat!
18:29 16/06/2013
Lines to play Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo stand were pretty huge, luckily for us, Nintendo invited the GAME away team behind the scenes to get full hands-on Mario’s latest romp out of the garage. First thing you’ll notice when booting up Mario Kart 8 is the gorgeous HD visuals. It looks gorgeous. Full stop. Colours pop, lines are crisp, characters look solid and the game speeds along at a constant fast frame rate. MK8 Nintendo have opted to keep the gliding and underwater mechanics from MK 7 on 3DS whilst also throwing in a new twist on tracks, which now spiral, flip and roll in all directions giving the game an almost F-Zero feel. Mario Kart 8 throws motion controls back into the mix and with Wii Motion Plus (you can also use motion in the GamePad) feels smooth and highly sensitive steering, reacting to every small twitch of your wrists. Sliding around corners and building up boosts using motion has never felt so satisfying, but don’t worry if you’re not a fan of motion controls, MK 8 also has standard control input options. Wii U owners, stick this one in your calendars!
22:00 13/06/2013
We went into a behind closed doors demo of Thief and came out as Master Assassins. We wanted to pass along the secrets of what it takes to become a master thief… Our demo (running on PS4) was set in an old English town and our main master thief Garrett, was tasked with braking into a mansion and taking The Heart of the Lion. During the demo we got to check out the arsenal of a master thief. Arrows play a big part in Garrett’s tool-kit, with different variations being available to use. For example, blunt arrows can be fired to cause distracting noises but won’t harm your foe’s. Frost and fire arrows do what they say on the tin, dousing flames and causing small fires, and the best of all – the classic rope arrow which deploys a rope beneath where it is shot allowing you to climb to hard to reach places. Thief Shadow plays a big part in Thief and is almost seen as a companion character – you must harness the darkness to and use it as your friend to stay hidden and sneak through to your objective – however using ice arrows to douse street lamps won’t always help – enemies are programmed to recognise when something is out of place. For example if a street light is doused when the enemy knows it should be lit, or a closed door is left ajar, it will rouse up the interest of the folks you’re trying to sneak by. Thief is looking great on next gen and has so much going for it, puzzles that make you think, animation and effects that will make you gasp, and self generated cinematic moments. How you play is up to you. Keep an eye out for this one.
22:15  13/06/2013
The Ubisoft stand is heaving at E3 – a circular area of behind closed doors booths with a central stage, the lines were long to get a look at titles. We were lucky to skip a few lines to get up close to Ubi’s latest titles.
Ushered into a dark room, first up we’re taking a look at The Division, the new online shooter RPG that’s been exciting a lot of you on Twitter over the last few days.
Lights go down and we’re given a commentated run-through of the demo shown at Ubisoft’s E3 conference (check out the re-run on our site here). Built from the ground up for online multiplayer and co-op, The Division will be a blank slate upon which people can write their own stories and play styles. This theme of player choice is obvious in a few elements of the game – for example, The Division is a classless game. Gear, weapons and your playstyle will define how you approach your play and how you fit into a squad, rather than following any defined class path.
Progression and missions are also given similar freedom – the mission to re-take a police station we’re shown is one of many optional missions you can take on, with the map is panned back to reveal the size of the city. Ubisoft’s new Snowdrop engine has allowed the team to build an expansive and immersive world – New York looks instantly familiar amidst the detailed devastation, yet feels strange alien due to the mid-crisis setting of the game. The world is in tatters following a Black Friday viral epidemic causing a significant breakdown of society in a “Dark Winter” event, but all is not completely lost yet, and we’re told that this feeling of hope will be a key part of character motivation in the story.
Next we’re shown companion gameplay – how someone on a tablet can get involved in a meaningful way with your console experience in-game. As our squad moves over a series of rooftops, a new player joins the team as a drone, playing on a tablet. It’s real time and genuinely simultaneous / cross-platform – as a helicopter swoops into the screen on console, we can see it mirrored immediately in the tablet gameplay.
Companion players have their own set of skills and progression. Drones can mark targets, damage buff, lower armour and even heal squad members. As the drone builds up energy through using these support abilities, our squad gets pinned down in a withering cross-fire. Cue the drone’s help – as the tablet player’s energy bar fills up, an airstrike ability is activated! The airstrike’s called in with a tap on the tablet, and the rest of the console players can now advance, ending the demo.
The Division is looking really impressive at this early stage – there’s been a lot of talk about it from you guys in the community, and we can’t wait to see more of it later in the year!
7:13 13/06/2013
We admit it – we thought the promise of The Crew rendering the whole of the States as your driving, drifting, flipping, bashing playground was too good to be true. “Ubisoft must be pulling the wool over our eyes here” etc… After sitting down with the dev team behind closed doors for a private demo, we can tell you that this really IS true! The States won’t be a full on 1-1 replica with the dev team opting to embelish certain regions terrain to be more fun and game friendly. You can however drive from one side of America to the other without having to jump out into a menu to choose the next area.
We quizzed the team on how long it would take to drive from one side of the map to the other – apparently it took one of their team 2+ hours to drive the whole way in the fastest car and sticking to roads. This is pretty monumental, and we can’t wait to go cruising!
5:36 13/06/2013
You’ve seen the videos and heard the praise – The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD is beautiful. Rather than go into huge amounts of detail about the game we wanted to bring a few things to your attention that we noticed during our time. Wind Waker HD will include off-screen gameplay – After the transition the gorgeous stylised visuals still look vibrant and sharp. New Sail – Pressing ‘A’ during sailing would cause the shading of the centre of the sail to glow red, giving you a 50% extra speed boost. Can imagine this will be handy for the Triforce quest. New Dungeons/Islands – When asked, Nintendo wouldn’t comment. But wouldn’t it be great? MiiVerse Integration – The Tingle Tuner this time around will allow you to write messages to your friends in-game. These can be found in bottles washed up on the shore of Outset Island. Messages are linked direct to MiiVerse and can be Yeah’d and replied to through the game.
5:24 13/06/2013
We managed to slip behind the scenes at Nintendo’s E3 booth for alone time, with some of their announced titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8 *takes deep breath* Super Mario 3D World, Yoshi’s Island 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and more! We also bumped into The Reggie-nator himself, Aonuma-san and the voice of Mario – Charles Martinet! Look for off-screen video footage of some of these games and keep an eye out for a special message from Mario.
14:21 12/06/2013

You never know what you’ll bump in to at E3…


19:58 12/06/2013
We’ve just finished a special behind the scenes tour of the EA booth and got to check out several highly anticipated games from the publishing beasts! We got hands and eyes-on TitanFall, Battlefield 4 and the next gen entry into the UFC franchise – we also got to spend a bit of time with Madden, NBA and FIFA.

TitanFall – Our live multiplayer demo started off with our team dropping into the battlefield via dropship (like most cool games). Things kick off and escalate pretty quickly – gun shots are fired, enemies flit in and out of cover and giant Titans rage about smashing, stomping and blasting anything in sight – it’s pretty impressive and we can’t wait to show you more.

Battlefield 4 – Battlefield 4 is pretty much what you expect but with a GAZILLION times more visually stunning. We got to kick back in a massive multiplayer battle taking place on PC’s (but you could use and Xbox One controller if you wanted). Battlefield fans are going to feel right at home here.

UFC – This was hidden behind closed doors in the EA Sports Ignite Lab – We weren’t allowed to take video footage – but we did anyway. We got to see how Ignite will allow you to ‘Feel the Fight’ and got to see some pre-alpha footage showing off several fighters heads that would be used in the final version. Eyes look alive and you could seen veins pulse as expressions heated up. The team are working hard to ensure that fighters are grounded and have weight, momentum and that bodies deform and contort realistically on contact. Keep an eye on this one.

Coming Soon: Video Interview with the lead producer of UFC and 10 whole minutes of Battlefield 4 gameplay (we didn’t do TOO bad actually!) Stay tuned for the videos to drop.
14:20 12/06/2013

Today we’ll be dashing through the sno– Oh wait not that song… We’ll be dashing through the packed L.A. convention center to catch up with EA, Namco, Activision, Ubisoft, Nordic Games and Nintendo!!! Wish us luck! Right, it’s 3:45 AM… Sleepy Time

03:50 12/06/2013
It’s all still going here in LA. 7:50 local time, and we’re running around Microsoft’s show floor area like men possessed. Microsoft’s stand was absolutely heaving earlier – we’re lucky to get slightly shorter queues to explore!We’ve got our hands on Ryse: Son of Rome to play the scene that Microsoft showed in their conference – invasion of Dover Beach (yes, that Dover!). Hacking, deflecting and executing our way through the masses of Bretons was really fun – combat is smooth and Crytek’s skills are evident in what is a crisp, sharp and bloody looking game up close.
We’re currently filming some gameplay and interviews from everything from Project Spark and Forza to Charlie Murder (a Summer of Arcade title), so there should be a whole host of cool videos for you.
In the meantime, take a peek at the stand in the pics below!
Ryse Son of Rome #GAMEatE3Ryse Son of Rome shield at E3Microsoft Stand at E3 #GAMEatE3
01:57 11/06/2013
Meetings done – and we’re off to Behind Closed Doors at Sony for a quick hour. Away from the hustle and bustle of the show floor, this is a veritable candyland for any PlayStation fans amongst you all – a chunk of titles for PS4, and all the blockbuster releases for PS3 yet to come. Drive Club, Knack, Infamous: Second Son, Wonderbook, Beyond Two Souls, The Last of Us, Killzone, Puppeteer, Kilzone, Gran Turismo..they’re all here, and we’ll be able to play them all tomorrow – definitely going to have to come back to do this place justice.

For the moment, we’re snagging an interview with one of the producers from Beyond Two Souls for you. Watch out for it on YouTube later today. For the time being, feast your eyes on these pics!
Sony Behind Closed Doors - #GAMEatE3

Sony Behind Closed Doors – #GAMEatE3

Sony Behind Closed Doors - #GAMEatE3

Sony Behind Closed Doors – #GAMEatE3


00:09 GMT (16:11 E3 Time) 11/06/2013 Bethesda – The Evil Within, The Elder Scrolls Online and Wolfenstein

In a darkened room with luxurious seating (eg – there’s actually leg room!), we’re treated to a good chunk of what looks like the intro and first part of The Evil Within. First impression – fearsome!
Wolfenstein’s B.J. Blakeowitz is back with a vengeance in the current and next gen outing demo we see. Wise-cracks galore, huge and ludicrous weapons and looking like a fun outing for single player shooter fans.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a hands-on experience at level 5.  We’ve managed to bag some interviews for all three titles, and will get back to the stand for some hands on time later in the week, so stay tuned for more in-depth impressions!
23:01 11/06/2013
After snagging a couple of cheeky interviews, we’re off to some meetings with Microsoft near their booth. One hall to another in this giant convention centre is a good few minutes walk. Better make that a run.. We’ll be back later this evening for a quiet BCD (Behind Closed Doors) session at the Xbox Booth when the Covention Centre is closed, so either burn the midnight oil with us or tune back in to this blog tomorrow for more updates!
20:28 11/06/2013
Huge queues to get in to the show and we’re off! Beating our way through the crowds, our first appointment is with Jason Bender, Producer on Diablo 3 on Console. Behind closed doors at the Activision booth, we get a quick video in (keep an eye for a share on our YouTube later) and then it’s straight off to Bethesda!
18:28 11/06/2013
Team GAME L.A. are heading out for Day One of E3 2013! We’ll be on the show floor checking out all of the exciting games on show. Today we’re talking to the folks at Blizzard in an exclusive one on one chat before moving along to Bethesda, Disney, Microsoft, Sony and meeting up with the US and UK IGN folks! It’s going to be an action packed day full of meetings, playing games and shooting video! Stay tuned to @GAMEdigital for live updates!
15:35 11/06/2013

We get our first look at the new Super Smash Bros. title – Link, Pikachu, Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus and more… and coming to both Wii U and 3DS!

And now with added MegaMan (a Nintendo icon since the Captain N days if ever we saw one, and long overdue a role in this game). We get a glimps of his powers and abilities to take on pretty much everyone – and the Smash Bros website will be open later on today with even more goodies to share.

15:27 11/06/2013

A lone woman walking through an arsenal of mech suits, some cool futuristic graphics and what appears to be third person gameplay. Then – a suit transforms into a car and a big red X for a logo…

We’re told it’s a massive open-world adventure, with Monolith studios using their Xenoblade experience to make it. Can’t wauit to see more

15:27 11/06/2013

Platinum Games’ hair-wearing heroine moves as dynamically as ever in this footage from the Wii U sequel, with the kind of OTT action and creatures we’ve come to expect from the first game. But who was that crouching at the end of the trailer?

New hairstyle, new costume, new look and… new gameplay – but not that much! But we should see more from her at E3 itself

15:27 11/06/2013

Donkey Kong makes his HD debut in an adventure that takes him to different islands beyond Donkey Kong Country, with the side-scrolling action going a bit more 3D in places, and two-player with Diddy Kong. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is the name, coming before the year is out!

15:27 11/06/2013

We get a release date and a great look at the online gameplay for this superhero spectacular – looks, well, wonderful!

15:21 11/06/2013

Next up was some exclusive new footage of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, reminding us just why we fell in love with this unique looking entry into the series.

And Tingle’s back, too – this time helping you connect the game to the Miiverse and other player’s games. And it’s coming in… October 2013!

15:18 11/06/2013

how fun does Cloudberry Kingdom Look? Dungeons & Dragons, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, the new Oddworld and so much more. Plus – DuckTales: Remastered – Woo-oo indeed!

15:18 11/06/2013

Assassin’s Creed IV! Batman: Arkham Origins & Blackgate! Deus Ex! Disney infinity! Just Dance! Super Scribblenauts! Shin Megami Tensei! Skylanders SWAP Force! Splinter Cell Blacklist! Sonic Lost World!

That’s a pretty strong line up of titles if you ask us!

15:12 11/06/2013

Coming out of the creativity shown by you (yes, you) in the Miiverse, Art Academy Wii U is a little while off, but some of the art tools will be available in the eShop this summer to keep you doodling till then!

15:12 11/06/2013

80 brand new mini games are yours to play in what Nintendo are hoping wil lbe the “definitve” party game – but to reach that standard, they need a bit more time.

Wii Fit U has taken a little longer to get here too, but both will be out before the year is up

15:12 11/06/2013

A new name, a new game – As if anyone thought this game could get any better, we’ve got hover karts, loop de loops and the most fun and stunning visuals in series history!

And it offers the best selction of online multiplayer modes in the series, too. Not just racing, but sharing the fun of playing over Miiverse. Launching Spring 2014

15:05 11/06/2013

Up to four-player multiplayer for the first time on a 3DS Mario game, Super Mario 3D World offers up each character’s typical gameplay skills to let you enjoy this new 3D Mario adventure in a different way. And then there’s Cat Mario power up – climb up wall! scratch enemies with claws! Coming December 2013

15:0 11/06/2013

October 12th worldwide! The new graphics look excellent! And a new Pokemon type – fairy!


15:00 11/06/2013
If you have problems viewing any of our live stream videos, press F5 to refresh the page.
14:30 11/06/2013
Nintendo’s E3 2013 Nintendo Direct video will stream at 3:00pm (UK time). We’ll be streaming it right here, so we can find out what they have in store for us together!
check back (or hit refresh) at 3:00pm to watch the live stream
12:35 11/06/2013
While we wait for new news to come in from Los Angeles, our friends at SONY have helped us put together some excellent PlayStation Vita deals, with bundling the WiFi version of the handheld with a choice of three great games.
With the PS Vita due to play a big part with the PS4, now’s a great time to get your hands on one – and at a great price, to boot!
05:35 11/06/2013
Well, that was a pretty exciting first day wasn’t it? We saw and learned so much… and now it’s time for us to bid you farewell. Thanks for staying tuned in to our Blog and live streams for Day 1. Please remember to check back to the blog for all the latest news on E3 during Day 2, once it commences. For now, we’ll just dream of some of those games that we saw today. That, and emptying out the swear jar before tomorrow comes.
04:44 11/06/2013
In all of our excitement, we almost forgot to post about this one – it’s Mad Max! The trailer for Mad Max was short but sweet. We’re hoping for more details on this one in the near future…
MadMax MadMax2
04:18 11/06/2013
The Cloud Service 2014 has been confirmed, as has the release date and price of PS4. You want the details, don’t you? Well… ok! The cloud based service is set to be rolled out first in the US, with other regions to follow. The service will eventually incorporate all PlayStation devices (as part of the “PlayStation Eco-system”). The PS4 has been confirmed as being released in the US and Europe “this holiday season”, at a retail price of 399 US Dollars (£349).
04:15 11/06/2013
Saving the best until last? Here we go: gameplay footage and screens of Destiny. Two gaming titans are coming together for Destiny – as it brings developer Bungie and publisher Activision together as one for a ride that’s sure to thrill. Screens are below for your perusal and approval…
Destiny Destiny2 Destiny3 Destiny4
03:44 11/06/2013
Sony’s message for the PlayStation 4 seems to be loud and clear… “Trade In Games At Retail”, “Sell It To Another Person”. The PS4 “supports” used games. The PS4 also doesn’t need to be connected to the internet. The PS4 will also not require you to “Check-in” online. Sony are making things very clear with their plans for the PlayStation 4. In addition to this information, they have also discussed plans for PlayStation Plus. Existing memberships for PlayStation Plus will continue from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. Existing members will also receive Drive Club: PlayStation Plus Edition for their Instant Game Collection (within year one). Plus members will continue to receive free titles on a monthly basis.
03:40 11/06/2013
The graphical focus of the PS4 comes into play with the trailers for NBA 2K14 and The Elder Scrolls Online. Side-by-side comparisons of real life vs PS4 capture for 2K14 and the sprawling landscape of the Elder Scrolls Online… next gen gaming looks pretty good to us!
NBA2K14a ElderScrollsOnline
03:30 11/06/2013
Ubisoft showcased the in-game demos for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs. Showcasing the next gen in style, these lengthy insights have allowed everyone a good peak at what’s to come on PS4. And yes – we are getting very excited here whilst watching gameplay footage unfolding! Also announced was an exclusive hour of game play for Watch Dogs on PlayStation, as well as an exclusive outfit for Aiden Pearce.
AC1 AC2 WatchDogs WatchDogs2
03:20 11/06/2013
The new Final Fantasy games have been showcased – Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV have been confirmed! These exclusive titles were followed by the trailer for the SquareEnix title, Kingdom Hearts III. RPG fans rejoice… it looks like you’ve got it all lined up, on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.
03:14 11/06/2013
Indie title, Transistor, is showcased in a trailer. The announcement that Indie game publishers will be able to publish their own titles (building on the ‘Indie’ division of PlayStation and joining the “PlayStation Family”). Titles such as Don’t Starve, Octodad, Secret Ponchos are just a few of these…
03:10 11/06/2013
The Dark Sorcerer trailer is shown. This is a new PS4 title, from the team of Quantic Dream. A bold intro promises spell-casting and sorcery, but the camera pans out to reveal an actor fluffing his lines and a hipster goblin! A terrific sense of humour is afoot, and screens are conjured in the fires below!
DarkSorcerer DarkSorcerer2 DarkSorcerer3
03:00 11/06/2013
More rapid-fire trailers for PS4 titles – with Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club and Knack all stated as being available at the launch of the PS4. Infamous: Second Son is set for launch in 2014.
02:55 11/06/2013
Sony are bringing out the big guns – literally – and the new title The Order looks set to make a big splash. Just announced, this exclusive PS4 title, from Santa Monica Studios (God of War) and Ready At Dawn Productions (who are well known for their work on PSP iterations of the God of War series). This is looking pretty special thus far…
TheOrder TheOrder2 TheOrder3
02:45 11/06/2013
It’s all happening at the Sony Conference! Exclusives continue to be driving force… From exclusive skins for Batman Arkham City: Origins to exclusives for GTA V, gamers can reap the rewards for playing on PlayStation. Sony Pictures are also getting in on the act, in helping drive exclusive content for PlayStation. As for the PS4, we finally have a pic of it – the wait is finally over!
PS4a PS4b
02:39 11/06/2013
There was also plenty of excitement with the showcase of some PS3 titles – The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls and Gran Turismo 6. In case you were in any doubt, there’s still plenty going for the PS3. Blurring the lines between movie and games comes Quantic Dreams latest spectacular, Beyond Two Souls. Starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, Beyond Two Souls tells the story of Jodie Holmes, a girl with supernatural powers who garners a lot of attention. For all you petrolheads out there, get ready to take it up a gear as “The Driving Simulator” Gran Turismo 6 returns to test your skills. Get behind the wheel of some the world’s fastest cars on real life tracks and experience what it’s really like to drive at speed.
02:26 11/06/2013
Sony started slightly late, but it was worth it. Starting Sony’s Media Briefing was the outline of plans for Vita. The Vita is set to remain a part of the “PlayStation Eco-system”, with launches such as Batman: Arkham Origins, Counter Spy, Destiny of Spirits, Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway pencilled in for release. Vita re-releases of Flower, Final Fantasy X and X-2 are also lined up. The new episode of The Walking Dead (Telltale Games) is also set for release on the Vita. Indeed, it seems that the handheld is set to be the “ultimate companion device” for the PS4. These plans are no doubt what fans of the handheld will want to see – with the vision for the platform clear, and firmly in place.
If you have problems viewing any of our live stream videos, press F5 to refresh the page.
01:20 11/06/2013
Still with us? Well, we’re nearing the end (for today, that is!). Up next will be the Sony Media Briefing. That starts at 2am (UK time). In case you were wondering, this was our reaction to Star Wars Battlefront being announced…
00:20 11/06/2013
What would it take to save all that remains? Are you prepared to dig deep to answer the call? Tom Clancy’s: The Division will give you the chance to find out. A fantastic end to a very intense and very packed Ubisoft Briefing saw a very lengthy demo revealing an incredible, dark and new online RPG – requiring team-work and pulling together to get the job done. Time to catch our breath once more, as we kick back and enjoy the highlights from Ubisoft…
DarkWinter DarkWinter2 DarkWinter3
00:10 11/06/2013
Trials Fusion frenetically fizzles onto consoles, whilst Trials Frontier falls (spectacularly) onto your mobile! You love wacky fun, stunts and mayhem? Well, these could be the ones for you!
Trials Trials2
00:01 11/06/2013
Well, after the fun and games, it was time for the killer trailer. And Ubisoft certainly look to deliver the killer blow with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Pirates and assassins, what more could you really ask for? Prepare to experience the Golden Age of piracy as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag looks to really push the boat out. Screens ahoy below, matey.
23:55 10/06/2013
For all of you who love a good workout, Just Dance 5 springs into action this October. You’d better get out your dancing shoes and start brushing up on your best moves; Just Dance 5 is on its way and it promises to get you up on your feet like never before.
And for those who love those pesky Rabbids, Rabbids Invansion burrows onto consoles with its fusion of infectious fun and craziness!
Rabbids Rabbids2
23:50 10/06/2013
Everyone and everything are connected. Technology is so important to us. It keeps us all together. But what would you do if you could control all of that? What would you choose to do? Watch Dogs puts you in control. It’s all up to you.
WatchDogs1 WatchDogs2
23:38 10/06/2013
In another one we didn’t see coming, The Crew has raced into the lead and will be leading the pack into next gen in early 2014. This one looks pretty stunning (obligatory gorgeous screens below!). In an “online-persistent” world, you can create your own Crew. Want co-op? You got it. Need some help finishing the mission? You just say the word, and call in the cavalry!
How about competition? You want to race for pride? Want to race for the big stakes? You got it.
This is your world and your Crew. You decide how it all goes down.
23:25 10/06/2013
Big news for Rayman Legends fans – it’ll be yours to play on September 3, 2013(regions TBC). The happy, eccentric floating head of Rayman returns in Rayman Legends. The popular side scrolling game returns utilising all the chaotic fun we have come to associate with the Rayman series.
RaymanLegends RaymanLegends2
And if that wasn’t enough for you, there’s the Quest For Mighty Loot. It looks like fun all the way in this one…
TheQuest TheQuest2
23:19 10/06/2013
Another strong Ubisoft favourite following Rocksmith… it’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist! The new trailer showcased the one player story mode, as well as the multiplayer mode. The latest thrilling chapter in the classic espionage series, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, sees Sam Fisher tasked with saving the world, by any means necessary. Splinter Cell: Blacklist is shaping up to be a fine title. Check out the screens from the trailer below…
Blacklist Blacklist2
23:10 10/06/2013
What better way to kick off the Ubisoft Media Briefing than with a presentation of Rocksmith 2014? An impressive demo saw the lead guitar selecting a track and a backing band, seamlessly fusing lead and backing into a rocking harmony. Rocksmith 2014 boasts the opportunity to become a rockstar. Plug your real guitar into the new Rocksmith 2014 and begin your journey to become a rock legend.
If you have problems viewing any of our live stream videos, press F5 to refresh the page.
22:30 10/06/2013
After another hour of rapid-fire, fist-pumping, heart-stopping, action-packed trailers… we need to refuel. And what better way than downing an extra size bag of crisps! The next live stream is for Ubisoft, and it starts at 11pm (UK time). Don’t miss out on all the latest. Catch everything right here on our live E3 stream. We’ll see you at the Ubisoft stream, once we’ve finished with the crisps. Bon Appetit!
22:20 10/06/2013
And finally for EA, another treat from DICE with Mirror’s Edge 2. Mirror’s Edge returns in all its adrenaline-fuelled glory. Extending the parkour based gameplay, Mirror’s Edge 2 looks to build upon the success of the original.
21:59 10/06/2013
Well, we’ve mentioned Battlefield 4 once already… but we’re very excited about it! The full EA unveiling dropped the bombshell of the 64 player potential (yes, you did read that correctly!). Commander mode will also allow you to take charge of intel and provide your team with the latest in winning intelligence. Teamwork will be more key than ever in opening the gates to victory.
BF4d BF4e BF4f
21:55 10/06/2013
For those hankering for a wrestle, a tactical game of cat and mouse or an all-out fighfest, get ready for UFC! Prepare to enter the Octagon in the most realistic rendition of UFC to date. The hard-hitting MMA game returns and looks to force the opposition into submission. You’ll need strategy and savvy like never before to best your opponent, as new realistic damage really lets you feel the impact of every punch, kick and takedown.
21:40 10/06/2013
And for those of you who adore your Football (Soccer and American Football – in case you were hoping for one or the other!), Madden 25 and FIFA 14 were both unveiled. In Madden 25, take to the field in the 25th anniversary version of the time-honoured Madden tradition. With its new physics engine you’ll really get that satisfying hit when you land the sack. This was a real treat for everyone, with the actual gameplay trailer finishing the unveiling.
And for Football lovers? Get ready to kick off the next generation with FIFA 14, as it looks to provide a realistic football experience with enhanced ball and player physics. Having been to Camp Nou myself, I can tell you that the stadium has never loooked this fine!
Ignite: NBA Live 14
21:36 10/06/2013
And where would we be without the return of NBA? Basketball fans, prepare yourselves for NBA Live 14. Prepare to experience the speed and skill of the basketball court like never before. The Ignite engine and new bounceTek technology enables unprecedented control and responsiveness, allowing for full creation and expression. Fake them out and slam dunk it home with NBA Live 14!
21:28 10/06/2013
The new age of RPG is here! Get ready to experience a more open Thedas, a storyline you can really have an impact on and a range of enhanced customisation options in Dragon Age: Inquisition.
21:25 10/06/2013
Next up was a look at the Frostbite 3 engine (from DICE) and wouldn’t you know it, a quick teaser (read: teaser) for Star Wars Battlefront! The fan favourite Battlefront finally returns. Get your blasters at the ready and choose to fight for the forces of good or evil. Prepare to feel the force like never before.
That not got you going yet? Well, the Battlefront trailer was followed by the announcement for the new Need For Speed, Need For Speed: Rivals. Multiplayer is the focus here. Race whenever you like. Accept challenges from friends and foes alike… and keep your friends and enemies firmly in second place.
NFSRivals NFSRivals2
21:10 10/06/2013
Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer opened the EA Briefing and the opener was a big surprise – Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. Using the Frostbite 3 engine, this promises to take PvZ to the next level. With multiplayer and four-player survival mode, the war has only just begun! Check out some of screens from the trailer…
Garden Garden2 Garden3 Garden4
If you have problems viewing any of our live stream videos, press F5 to refresh the page.
20:15 10/06/2013
Next up, EA! We’ve snagged our wristbands and are grabbing a snack before heading in. Oh and water, lots of water! Seriously it’s baking hot… Join us for the live stream to the right of this post!
19:50 10/06/2013
Did you enjoy our first part of the live stream? Well, we’ll be back very soon! We’re still here and still hard at work to bring you the very latest… having said that, we’ll take this opportunity to catch our breath, refuel, maybe ponder over some of those awesome trailers and of course, top up our swear jar. The next live stream is for EA and that kicks off at 9pm (UK time). Speaking of that swear jar, thanks to those few technical hitches we had, our swear jar now looks a little something like this…
19:38 10/06/2013
And, capping off the Xbox E3 Media Briefing was Titanfall. From Respawn comes a new and very exciting next-gen marvel. It’s more First-person shooter gem greatness… And we love it! Stay tuned for the next dose of gaming goodness – it’s coming soon – we promise!
TitanFall1 Titanfall2 TitanFall3
19:30 10/06/2013
Halo 5. Yes, Halo 5. Did we have you at Forza 5? Well, one of the most successful and popular shooter games of this generation is now set to return: Halo. Expect epic battles, moving storylines and all out multiplayer destruction.
19:15 10/06/2013
Battlefield 4 provides a visceral, dramatic experience unlike any other. Prepare to immerse yourself in the glorious chaos of all-out war. The boys and girls from DICE look like they’ve done it again. With a stunning engine, war has never looked this beautiful. Sign up soldier, and prepare to engage the enemy!
BF4a BF4b BF4c
19:05 10/06/2013
The Witcher 3, set in an open, free-roaming world and boasting over 100 hours of gameplay. With optional voice commands and interaction with Kinect, as well as Smartglass features. A “truly next-gen fantasy RPG”.
TheWitcher1 TheWitcher2
18:55 10/06/2013
Dead Rising 3 has been announced. Throwing Nick back into the action. It’s all about fun and zombie slaying – using what you can as it comes to hand. Grab yourself a slice of the action, with Dead Rising 3.
18:52 10/06/2013
Fans of the old school beat em’ up rejoice! Killer Instinct makes its long (some may say well overdue) return. Details weren’t about in abundance, but we did manage to snag some screens from the trailer…
KillerInstinct1 KillerInstinct2
18:43 10/06/2013
Remedy are back with Quantum Break! This is the latest offering from Sam Lake and his band of story-weaving masters, who were responsible for the sheer genius which was Alan Wake. Quantum Break is looking like a dynamic mixture of action and storytelling. Quantum break blurs the lines between television and gameplay, integrating the two into one immersive experience. Every choice you make has an impact as you save the future before time runs out. As if Forza 5 and Killer Instinct weren’t enough – and we’re still only just getting warmed up!
QuantumBreak1 QuantumBreak2 QuantumBreak3
18:25 10/06/2013
Oh yes… Forza 5 is here! Get behind the wheel of some of the fastest cars on the track and road in Turn 10′s latest automotive offering: Forza 5.
18:23 10/06/2013
In rapid succession, it’s been a triple bill of brilliance announced for Xbox One owners! First off, there’s Ryse: Son of Rome. Available on launch, this one looks amazing – check out the juicy screens below if you don’t believe us! Secondly, there’s Killer Instinct (I’m sure there will be many older gamers who will be looking forward to this one!). Thirdly, Forza 5. That’s right – the new Forza. Only on Xbox One.
.Ryse1 Ryse2
Attention: The live video screen might not be working for some users. Microsoft have stated that if you clear your cookies, this should resolve any problems which may be occurring.
18:05 10/06/2013
New Xbox 360 games which have been announced! Xbox 360 owners will be able to play World of Tanks, where the player takes control of the world’s most powerful tanks in epic battles. Warfare for up to 15 v 15. There’s also platforming action ahoy for all in Max. Finally, Dark Souls II – looking as beautiful (and devastatingly hard) as ever.
17:57 10/06/2013
The Xbox 360 support is still going strong, and the pledge is to keep the great games coming. As you know, Xbox 360 owners will still be able to play such great games as Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Batman Arkham: Origins and Grand Theft Auto V. Now there’s also some news on three new amazing Xbox 360 games. Stay tuned for the latest…
17:48 10/06/2013
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer! Mother Base has fallen and Big Boss is back as the popular Metal Gear Solid series returns. An epic storyline and spectacular gameplay means you won’t be putting this down anytime soon. Features: - Open World gameplay - Real Time Weather - Dynamic CQC - Deeper Stealth Action MGS1 MGS2 MGS3
If you have problems viewing any of our live stream videos, press F5 to refresh the page.
17:22 10/06/2013
Are you ready? It’s all about to kick off – and the queues are building nicely outside the Xbox E3 Media Briefing…
16:15 10/06/2013
Kicking off an early 6am start with a pre-E3 breakfast whilst discussing what games we’d love to see make a return! Killer Instinct, Pop n Twinbee, Conker? Which games would you like to see make a return, and more importantly: maple syrup on breakfast – yes or no?
16:00 10/06/2013
Not long to go now! We are eagerly anticipating the excitement of tonight’s announcements – we’ve taken some measures…
09:35 10/06/2013
MCV have snagged an interview with Ubisoft’s EMEA executive director Alain Corre in which he discusses all manner of next-generation questions and covers Ubisoft’s goals for E3.
Amongst the tidbits of info, he shares his thoughts on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launching around the same time – “together that will create a huge buzz. The market needs it” – the future of preowned games – “we anticipate that consumers will still be able to bring back older games to help purchase new ones. We like that element” – and what we can expect from E3 “E3 will offer a lot of surprises… our biggest franchise, Assassin’s Creed, and our biggest hope, Watch Dogs”.
18:35 09/06/2013
The L.A. Convention Center (or ‘centre’ if you’re with us in L.A.) has been a staple of E3 for many, many years. It’s a character in itself and has seen thousands of new games announced inside it and a handful of new consoles. It’s sometimes known as the Mecca of gamers worldwide!
Tomorrow, the world’s gaming press will storm through its doors for the first chance to get full hands-on with a brand new generation of consoles, and the mind blowing games of tomorrow. Make sure you stay tuned for updates from all the major media briefings (which you can watch LIVE to the right of this post) and news from the show floor right here!
17:00 09/06/2013
E3 badge pick up day! This year the lanyards and passes are sponsored by Nintendo and show several characters from some of their current games in development – DK is on there… New DK game perhaps? Who knows…
E3 Badges
15:26 09/06/2013
Join us live at 7pm (UK time) for an All Access Preview stream for Call of Duty: Ghosts! The stream will go live here at 7pm! Call-of-Duty-Ghosts1
14:54 09/06/2013
L.A. Time: 06:54! Yesterday we landed safe and sound, picked up the hire car and cruised through L.A. to our hotel. First meal in L.A. was The Cheesecake Factory (No sorry, we didn’t bump into Penny). After a good nights sleep we’re now on L.A. time and can start getting ready for the media briefings tomorrow!db5a620ed09511e2954322000a9f134e_7
Excuse us whilst we head for an early morning swim and set up our ‘E3 hotel hub’!
09:59 08/06/2013
Getting ready for takeoff. Our next 11 hours will be filled with Luigi, Pokémon, Monster Hunter and in-flight entertainment. Adios!
11 hours to fill
09:30 08/06/2013
See you on the other side! E3 here we come.
E3 Plane
08:29 08/06/2013
Breakfast before boarding the plane. Its an 11 hour flight and we will be landing at 12:55 L.A. time! Handheld consoles are charged and ready!! Monster Hunter anyone?
04:45 08/06/2013
Woke up feeling like it’s Christmas. The GAME E3 2013 journey starts here! First leg of the tour – Taxi from Basingstoke to London Heathrow!
18:45 07/06/2013
Whilst we’re packing we thought we’d hold a cool pre-E3 competition for those of you who are checking out our new E3 digs. We have FIVE to give away tonight! Destiny Shirt
To win – Simply tweet @GAMEdigital on Twitter using #ItsMyDestiny and tell us why it’s your destiny to win one of these official Team Bungie tees! Competition closes at 10PM tonight (7/6/13) – UK only. Good luck! Now- back to packing!
18:20 07/06/2013
We’ve been invited to a special after hours, all-access Xbox event – you can be sure that we will bring you all the information and live coverage from the event. Stay tuned and follow @GAMEdigital on Twitter for live updates throughout E3!
17:39 07/06/2013
Phase one of packing begins – First up, video equipment… It’s been a long few weeks planning for E3, but now the excitement is kicking in!
15:35 07/06/2013

Konami have set the ball rolling early on E3 with a pre-show presentation last night, revealing some exciting news about their upcoming titles.

The big new surrounded Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 5, and the announcement that 24 Star Keifer Sutherland will be playing the older Solid Snake. Konami also showed-off their new Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, which uses Kojima’s FOX engine to rebuild the game from the ground up, and more plot details about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and the continuing story of Dracula. The fine folks at Rocket Chainsaw have a brief but informative summary of the whole presentation.
14:17 07/06/2013
Decisions, decisions… Picking a seat for the flight is a fine science and requires coordination from the GAME team. Main thing to take into account: 3DS proximity between GAME HO staff for Monster Hunting action… It’s nearly time!
Early flight check-in.
09:35 06/06/2013
Square Enix have promised to unveil the “future of Final Fantasy” at a press event just before E3 kicks off next week. Destructoid received their invitation to the event, being held on Monday 10th June at 9am L.A. Time (that’s 5pm for us), just before Microsoft hold their keynote conference.
According to the press invitation, there will also be some Q&A time with Shinji Hashimoto, the senior vice president who was present at the PS4 announcement in February where he revealed that Square Enix is working on a next-gen Final Fantasy title. Read into that what you will…
11:00 05/06/2013
DICE vice president and general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson has taken to YouTube to make sure fans of the studio don’t miss out on EA’s E3 announcements. “Our excellent dev team is hard at work with Battlefield 4, of course,” Troedsson said, adding “but we also have a couple of surprises up our sleeve.”
With reports of a second DICE studio opening to work on EA’s newly acquired Star Wars license, could this be the surprise he’s talking about. Or could it be something we don’t even know about yet? We’ll be streaming the EA conference live right her, so we can find out together next week.
16:50 04/06/2013
As we build up to E3 and the LA Convention Center gets decorated for the event, Namco Bandai have revealed the release date of uber-hard horror sequel Dark Souls II – on a massive banner!

They later confirmed the date to Eurogamer that it will be released in March 2014. And it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll find out more about the game during Namco Bandai’s presentation at the show next week.
16:35 20/05/2013
New-console-on-the-block OUYA has chosen a unique location to exhibit at this year’s E3 – the car park.
That’s according to CVG, who report that OUYA will have “an open to the public E3 presence”, letting not just convention pass holders but, quite frankly, anyone passing by to get their hands on the new device.

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