New Hardware from E3

There's only one place to enjoy the best exclusives and biggest blockbusters - on the latest hardware! From advancements in console technology to cutting edge virtual reality headsets, your gaming experience will never be the same again.

Biggest Game Announcements from E3

E3 always delivers dramatic twists, turns and show-stopping revelations, and this year's show has been no different. These are our favourites, but make sure you check out the many, many more.

Battlefield 1

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Final Fantasy XV

Gears of War 4

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Mafia 3

Titanfall 2

Horizon Zero Dawn

Forza Horizon 3

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Watch Dogs 2


Dishonored 2

The Last Guardian

God of War 4

Announced games at E3 - Pre-order Now at!

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