Oh SONY, don’t you know how to do a conference? Delivering some killer exclusives, unexpected titles and a whole lot of theatrics to boot, SONY smashed this year’s E3 conference, and it’s sure to be one we’re talking about for years to come.

    So you want those exclusives?

    SONY have always prided themselves on their fantastic list of exclusive titles, and this year’s E3 conference was no different, as they continued to provide those exclusives that we have all come to expect!

    Leading with one of their flagship franchises, SONY kicked things off in style with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Moving away from series protagonist, Nathan Drake, SONY have made a bold move, by switching up the tried and tested formula. But based on what the trailer showed us, the gamble was well worth the risk.

    We also got a look in at Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dreams have always been praised for their engrossing story-telling, and Detroit: Become Human is set to continue that stellar reputation. A world on the cusp of revolution, war is bubbling under the surface between humans and androids. Every choice you make in the game will completely change how the story unfolds, so make sure you don’t slip up, one mistake could spell disaster for all!

    For those of you who love a healthy dose of violence, can we interest you in God of War? With Kratos returning (and sporting a pretty fine beard, if we do say so ourselves), God of War promises to deliver all the blood-soaked action we’ve come to expect from the series. Only this time round, we have an added layer to Kratos as he brings his son along for the ride. It might not be parenting 101, but you try telling him that.

    Are your spidey senses tingling?

    Yeah, that’s right, Spider Man is back, and we were treated to 9 spectacular minutes of gameplay that gave us a good idea of what to expect from the game. Web-slinging around the city has never looked so beautiful. With evil rearing its head around every corner, it’s up to Spider Man to save the day, as per usual! For superhero fans out there, it certainly looks like it’ll be a great entry into the series!

    Ready, aim, fire

    Shooter fans out there, rejoice. Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2 were also shown off during SONY’s conference!

    Call of Duty fans can look forward to returning to the gritty warzone of World War 2. In true Call of Duty style, the trailer seemed to focus primarily on multiplayer, but with a far more serious tone to that of previous iterations of the franchise – “souls will be shaken with the violence’s of war”.

    Destiny 2 had a huge emphasis on story-telling, and we cannot wait to get into the lore of the Destiny universe so the chance to discover what’s out there was more than enough to get us excited here in GAME HQ.

    A little bit of VR in our life

    Skyrim is back, only this time, in virtual reality. That’s right. The game that we all spent hours playing back in the day has been given the VR treatment and we are excited.

    We cannot wait to fully immerse ourselves in the world of Skyrim like never before. Taking on monstrous dragons as they attempt to dismember you sounds even more terrifying in VR.

    For the players

    SONY have always produced top-notch gaming experiences and this year’s E3 conference continued to show that SONY really are for the players. With great exclusives and some stellar games on show, SONY we salute you. Well done indeed.

    How can I follow more announcements from E3?

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