We got to go hands-on Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion at E3 2018, and it looks like it could be the greatest add-on yet for Bungie’s first-person shooter. Not only does it introduce two gorgeous new locations to explore, but it adds in plenty of post-game content that will change how players forever play Destiny. It’s a huge step forward for the series, and our early impressions left us eager to play more

1. The Tangled Shore

One of Forsaken’s new areas is the Tangled Shore. It’s an absolutely breathtaking asteroid wasteland that is located within The Reef. Smouldering fires and artful piles of destruction decorated the ground, and it was quite the sight to see.

We also got to visit the Prison of Elders during a jailbreak, seeing all of Destiny’s enemy factions going at it with each other. It was fascinating getting to see all of these iconic groups duking it out, and shows how the dynamic changes when multiple factions come into contact with each other.

2. Brilliant Bows

We had a chance to try out two new weapons during our hands-on session with Forsaken’s campaign. The first was the Arsenic Bite 4B, an agile recurve bow that rewards every hit with a decreased draw time.

But it’s when we equip the new legendary bow, Trinity Ghoul, that things get really exciting. Every time you land a precision shot with this elegant instrument of destruction, your next arrow will be enhanced with a devastating chain lightning effect. In practice, the result is (pardon the pun) electrifying, as you switch between careful headshots and crowd-clearing high-voltage blasts.

3. Lasting consequences

Forsaken won’t be your run of the mill expansion as it will shake up the greater Destiny universe. The latest trailer shows that the wise-cracking Cayde-6 meets a gruesome end. It’s a shocking way to kill off a character that has helped serve as the heart and soul of the game, but Bungie is insisting that this isn’t a marketing ploy. There will be long-term consequences from Forsaken, and that makes it a must-play for fans of the series.

4. Gambit changes the game

Gambit isn’t just a new mode – it’s an entirely new concept that combines the A.I. blasting fun of a Destiny campaign with the competitive intensity of the multiplayer Crucible. Two teams of four face off against AI enemies in separate arenas, and the first team to summon and kill their stage’s boss baddie will be declared the winners.

That might sound straightforward, but Gambit is no simple race – it’s a delicate balancing act between risk and reward. So, do you charge into battle against into your AI enemies in an effort to secure victory more quickly? Or will you spend your time invading your opponents’ stage instead, sowing destruction and distraction as they duke it out with their own AI foes.

It’s the digital equivalent of hopping out of a car mid-race just to dig a big pit for your rival to drive into, and just as devilishly satisfying as you’d expect.

5. New Supers for Each Sub-Class

While there aren’t any new classes introduced in Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to learn. Each of the nine sub-classes are getting an additional super ability, which will help change the flow of combat. This will help freshen up the gameplay, and allow players to use their class of choice in a brand new way. The top-notch shooting has always been one of Destiny’s strengths, and getting more ways to experience it is never a bad thing!