Are you ready to play on the biggest stage in club football? FIFA 19 is adding the Champions League to its roster, along with a range of brand new features, improving the action up and down the pitch.

We’ve put together a handy guide that shows just what has changed in this latest edition of the popular football series. It will take a look at some of the biggest changes: from the introduction of new modes to tweaks to how the game is actually played.

1. New Champions League mode

The biggest piece of news is the introduction of the Champions League. Players will now be able to compete in European competitions, in the hopes of emulating legendary winners like Real Madrid, Milan, and Bayern Munich.

This news also comes with the inclusion of the Europa League and the Super Cup too, which will no doubt further excite fans of European football. To go along with these new modes, players can expect an alternative commentary team of Lee Dixon and Derek Rae for European games, and the official match presentation of the tournaments themselves. This will help to capture the magical atmosphere of playing in the Champions League and beyond.

2. Dynamic tactics

Tactics have also been given a bit of a reimagining this time around. Dynamic tactics allow for a few different approaches to handling formations and different play styles. These will offer players a deeper level of customization prior to the game, with a range of attacking and defending methods available from the outset to players across any approach.

There are also a number of new options for in-match adjustments too, so that you can respond to any situation the match may throw at you. It’s a welcome change and one that players will no doubt get some good use out of when their team ends up going behind.

3. Timed finishing

Another huge alteration that you can expect from FIFA 19 is the addition of timed finishing. When you press the shoot button, you will now have to press it twice, with the second press deciding its power and accuracy.

It’s a big change from previous entries and one that will give players much greater control over how they finish an opportunity. It will apply to everything from headers to long shots from outside of the area.

4. Active touch system

It’s not only finishing that’s changing either. The Active Touch System will also change how you strike and receive the ball, offering more involvement and a much wider variety of tools.

For instance, when receiving a pass, you can now do a disguised touch, flick up volleys, and skill specific animations like the Neymar Trap. It’s just one more addition that’s giving players a greater control of their movement and fluidity on the ball.

5. Increased animations

Previous entries in the FIFA series have used Real Player Motion Technology, but FIFA 19 will take it much further than ever before. It will introduce a bunch of new animations for all positions to give players more character and a greater level of physicality.

Enhanced animations will include tactical shielding, impact balancing, and physical jostling, to name a few. Good luck!

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