Bethesda is working on their first original franchise in 25 years.

Called Starfield, it’s a “single-player, next generation game” that is set in outer space. The company clearly believes in the idea, as Bethesda’s Todd Howard described it as being something only they can uniquely pull off and that it has spent years in pre-production.

Bethesda only showed a brief teaser trailer of Starfield, but it was more than enough to get fans talking. The minute-long clip was largely just a look at a lovely space backdrop, but the prospect of a Bethesda single-player title set in space is a mouth watering one.

The short clip ends with a tease of warpspeed travel, and applying the concept of planetary exploration to a Bethesda role-playing game conjures up plenty of exciting ideas.

Considering the studio said that they were looking into the future, rather than the upcoming year, it appears that Starfield is still some ways away from releasing. Despite that, it’s already one of the most fascinating titles shown at E3 based upon potential alone.