Capcom have raised the roof on Sony’s E3 2018 conference by unveiling one of the most eagerly-anticipated remakes of modern times: Resident Evil 2.

Capcom’s survival horror masterpiece may be twenty years old, but it’s still considered a masterpiece of the genre. The game takes place in Raccoon City and lets you choose to play as Claire Redfield or hunky fan favourite Leon S Kennedy as a zombie outbreak rampages through the city.

Capcom’s trailer looks like much more than a simple remaster, though. Everything from character models, to environments and enemies have been recreated from the ground up to take advantage of modern hardware, so you can expect a truly terrifying experience.

As well as some stunning pre-rendered footage, there are glimpses of gameplay to be seen in the trailer. Intriguingly, the Resident Evil 2 remake appears to forego the fixed camera angles of the original game in favour of the over-the-shoulder camera angle introduced in Resident Evil 4 – perfect for lining up headshots on your shambling foes.

Relive Resident Evil 2 for yourself when the game launches on the 25th of January, 2019.

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