Sony have revealed a brand new gameplay trailer for Sucker Punch’s new title, Ghost of Tsushima, during their E3 conference!

The trailer opens up with a samurai leading a horse through a thundery rain storm. The gameplay footage shows off a brutal combat style, with our samurai wielding his blade ruthlessly, using it to slash opponents and block incoming attacks.

Stealth combat is also shown, as well as the ability to drop down from a height to take out enemies from above, including what seems to be some sort of slow motion mode for those critical moments.

Ghost of Tsushima developers, Sucker Punch, are best known for the PlayStation-exclusive series, inFamous, which was set in neon-lit cities where you could wield futuristic powers. In contrast, Ghost of Tsushima is an open world adventure set in the year 1274 in Feudal Japan, where you play as one of the last samurai warriors, protecting your homeland. We can’t wait to see how Sucker Punch deal with this dramatic change of setting.

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