EA has announced a Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V on the EA Play Live Conference.

The new mode will use the same destruction engine from the main game to create a Battle Royale experience like no other. We have no details yet on how many players will able to take part in each match, but we’re excited to see what DICE and EA can bring to the genre.

They also showed off new footage from the explosive shooter.

Taking the series back to World War II, Battlefield V will also allow players to battle across multiple countries, with a range of new weapons, maps, and an increased level of customisation.

Returning modes include Domination, Conquest, and Team Deathmatch. We’ll also get another entirely new mode called Grand Operations, building on the Operations mode from Battlefield 1. This will allow players to duke it out over multiple in-game days, with the action taking place over a number of different matches.

There are also plenty of other subtler changes too. Ammo will be scarcer, all players in a team can now revive players instead of just medics, and you can now repair damaged buildings with sandbags.

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