Naughty Dog managed to get the world talking with their E3 2018 gameplay reveal for The Last of Us: Part II. The shocking trailer left us reeling, which is why you might have missed some hidden details about this survival action game.

Hidden within the 12 minute demo are plenty of details that show what the PlayStation 4 exclusive will have to offer players once it’s released and we’ve rounded up some of the biggest ones you’ll want to take note of.

1. Enemies are much smarter

As seen in the video, enemies react in an incredibly realistic manner. Not only are they shown searching for Ellie underneath cars and embarking on realistic search routes, but they communicate with one another as well. They’re a truly fearsome adversary, and not easily tricked like in the games of yesteryear. The Last of Us: Part II looks to provide quite the staunch challenge, and one that will be satisfying to mater!

2. Different timelines

The gameplay reveal used the shocking juxtaposition of a sweet moment between Ellie and Dina with a violent fight to the death between Ellie and a band of humans. It hints that the story won’t be told entirely in a chronological format, as did Neil Druckmann during a talk at the E3 Coliseum. This isn’t a totally new idea for the studio as a disjointed narrative is used wonderfully in the Left Behind DLC for the original.

3. Ellie has more traversal options

One major difference between the sequel and the PlayStation 3 original is how versatile Ellie is. She’s able to use the environment to her advantage in many ways that simply weren’t possible before. Not only has a jump button been added, but a new dodge mechanic will make combat exchanges feel all the more dynamic. So, while the game will be quite difficult, players have all the necessary tools at their disposal.

4. The crafting system has been overhauled

The Last of Us had an interesting crafting system, but the sequel takes it to the next level. For instance, Ellie is seen crafting arrows that explode upon impact in the new footage, indicating that there’ll be different types of ammo for her to utilise. This ties into the fact that players have an incredible amount of freedom with how they tackle each enemy encounter.

5. Level designs are more complex

Finally, the video shows that Naughty Dog are making levels feel more organic. Stages will take advantage of the post-apocalyptic nature of the world as spurts of grass will be able to be used as partial, but not full, camouflage. On top of that, Ellie can now crawl under cars, allowing her to (attempt) to hide from enemies, which should open up new possibilities for mounting an attack.