TUNE IN: 11TH JUNE - 22.30PM


    Microsoft are rumoured to be announcing Project Scorpio before E3.

    In a recent interview, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer hinted at an earlier-than-expected announce for the super powered Xbox console. “Doing everything at E3 would be difficult” he said, and although promising that Scorpio will feature at the console giant’s E3 press conference, the feeling seems to be that there would be a separate hardware event planned, much like the announcement of the PS4 Pro back in October 2016.

    Project Scorpio is an incredibly exciting development for those of us who want the power of a full-blown gaming PC with all those tasty Teraflops, but love the comfort and ease of a console system. I for one will be rushing to get the most powerful console ever built when it launches later this year. What else would you like to see at the Microsoft Conference?