It wouldn’t be a Nintendo Press Showcase without Mario. Everyone’s favourite Italian plumber took to the stage in a wild and innovative trailer for Super Mario Odyssey. Featuring a closer look at Mario’s hat, Cappy. We learnt that it can be thrown onto characters, enemies, objects and vehicles, transforming Mario himself in the process. We’re excited to see how this newly introduced core component will influence the gameplay of Mario’s next outing.

    Our take on Super Mario Odyssey

    As well as an in-depth look at gameplay and the new worlds that Mario will soon be discovering, we were also treated to a solid launch window. Super Mario Odyssey will release on 27th October. Meaning that we haven’t got too long to wait to run, skip and jump through these huge 3D worlds in the first sandbox-style Mario game since Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine!

    Why we're excited about Super Mario Odyssey

    The trailer gave us a glimpse into these worlds, featuring urban cityscapes to deserts, as well as a Mario Bullet Bill and even, erm, a Mario t-rex. It’s pretty crazy, to be honest. We recommend that you check it out and join us in our excitement for MORE Mario goodness!

    You can find out more about Mario Odyssey here >

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