Guardians, it’s time to answer the call in Destiny 2! SONY really showed off a seriously exciting trailer at this year’s E3!

    Our take on Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 looks like it is really going to go all in on story-driven content this time round. While we loved the original Destiny, there was always a call and desire from fans across the world for a deeper exploration of the lore behind the world. Sure, we had collectibles, but fans really wanted to delve deeper into the story behind the universe. Activsion have answered these calls with aplomb; the trailer really showed how Destiny 2 would be a story-driven game at its heart.

    Narrated by the imposing emperor Cabal, who will act as the main antagonist in Destiny 2, we were treated to a whirlwind crash-course in the expansive universe of the game. This time round, we will be really getting deep into the motivations and aims of the characters from across the game. What drives them to act the way they do? We don’t know quite yet, but rest assured we’ll be finding out soon enough!

    Why we’re excited about Destiny 2

    The original Destiny was such an impressive game and, with this new layer of story-telling, Destiny 2 looks like it’s going to develop on everything that made the first entry so popular.

    For all we’ve learnt about the story behind the new entry, there’s still so many questions left to answer. We’re still yet to really get a full idea of how the game will play, so that’s certainly another thing to look forward to for Destiny fans.

    Coming sooner than we thought - important dates

    Destiny 2 has a new release date, and it’s always great to see a date come forward rather than pushed backwards.
    The game will now be released on September 6th on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, followed by PC on October 24th.

    PlayStation 4 fans who have pre-ordered will experience the closed beta on July 18th
    Xbox One fans who have pre-ordered will get the same experience on July 19th
    There will then be an open beta for both consoles running from July 21st until July 23rd
    PC players will also be getting a beta, currently scheduled for late August.

    You can find out more about Destiny 2 here >

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