It’s the news everyone was hoping for, 15 years in the waiting (almost); and Beyond Good and Evil 2 is on its way (cue the collective hurrah across the GAME HQ). This was definitely up Ubisoft’s sleeve for this year’s E3, and boy did they deliver some real hype!

    Our take on Beyond Good and Evil 2

    The story takes place before the birth of Jade; we find ourselves in a time when corporations create hybrid human-animal creatures and enslave them to take control of the universe. It’s a dark storyline for sure, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from the Beyond Good and Evil universe, would we?

    We will be fighting for our freedom and the chance to create our own journey in the stars. A dark story lies, waiting to be deciphered, and we can’t wait to get stuck into it. With huge space faring vessels, and the ability to travel at the speed of light – the universe is your oyster.

    A very emotional Michel Ancel took to the stage to thank the fans for their patience. After all, it’s been as much as wait for him as it has been for any of us! Ancel confirmed that we can expect to see a “massive, seamless online environment” in Beyond Good and Evil 2. As a result of this, we’ll now be able to explore the universe either Han style (solo) or in teams made up of our friends!

    Why we’re excited about Beyond Good and Evil 2

    2003. 14 years ago. That’s when we were introduced to Beyond Good and Evil for the very first time. It quickly gathered a huge cult following. Rumours and calls for a sequel have ensued ever since. So, the fact that we actually got to see a new trailer (and what a beautiful trailer it was) was more than enough to get us excited.

    Here is a galaxy that is ready to challenge us, and a world full of splendour (with a dark underside) waiting to be discovered; challenge accepted.

    You can find out more about Beyond Good and Evil 2 here >

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